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Do You Know The Core Issues To Job Dissatisfaction?

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With any dissatisfaction, the first step is to resolve the conflict between head and heart. Emotion is a guiding signal. When apathy, dissatisfaction and depression set in then it is a sign something must change. This something could be in the heart or in the head (a change of perspective). Apathy is stagnation, or lack of movement, change by its very meaning indicates movement and so the stagnation is broken.

We all need to feel important and that we are contributing in a worthwhile way. You have one of two choices, either find something to engage yourself in at work, or to change your career path. For most people the second option is what is really needed, though they fear it the most. They have taken a job that offers 'financial security' instead of following their dreams; and so imagination, inspiration and motivation all atrophy.

However these dreams do not truly die and can be reawakened with the correct guidance. By clearing the fears and ‘what ifs’ around change, and in this case specifically the change of career, then his head will no longer try to suppress his heart. He is one step closer to resolving the inner conflict that causes the tension that is experienced, and reflected, in all areas of his life.

By using Energy Psychology Techniques such as EFT these fears can be released completely, often in one short session. There are often a collection of fears and each specific fear can be identified and treated. Examples include the fear of not having enough money should things go wrong; the fear of not being good enough in the new career; the fear of being successful and the responsibility that would bring. It is these fears that cloud or block our motivation or desire to change.

Many people go to motivational seminars or listen to motivational audio's to find the inspiration to change their lives. The only problem is they are feeding from someone else’s motivational energy. Shortly after the seminar this energy fades and they are back where they started. The word motivation is derived from the word motive meaning ‘the reason why’. It is essential if we want to have lasting motivation we discover our own personal reason why, our own purpose.

When we have purpose we feel important and so our lives have meaning again. Friedrich Nietzsche once observed ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how’. To achieve maximum motivation and to discover life purpose there is a very simple formula: Max Motivation = Passion + Purpose. Otherwise stated as find what you most enjoy in life, give it a purpose and you will find motivation to achieve it.

Life is on average only 4000 weeks long. With only 7 days in every week you do not have time to sit waiting for life to get better. You create your own life through the choices you make. These choices are restricted by the fears and limiting beliefs you have established over a life time, many having come directly from your parents or society. Every excuse you have for life not being different is just that, an excuse. It is a reflection of those fears and beliefs that have limited you so long.

Don’t waste another day, learn some techniques such as EFT that will clear those fears and limiting beliefs and set you free to live your life with passion and purpose. This new sense of joy for life will be reflected in your working life, your personal life and your overall experience of life. A final thought from Howard Wight, ‘If you are ultimately going to do something important that will make a real difference…. do it now’.

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How To Make Sense Of All The Information?

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I have personally felt the information overload so I believe the following tips may be helpful to you.

For becoming an entrepreneur, you need 2 important things
1. Rock Solid mindset.
2. Ability to let go of attachment to your product/business.

The "How to do" is the least important factor in succeeding. Why? Because it's easy to learn but gaining the above 2 factors can take years.

And how do you build these abilities?

Simply by doing them. No number of books/audio courses or Tony Robbins will help in this regard. You have to do it.

Think of times when you decided to "not do" certain things but you still did (ie not eating junk yet you did or may not spending money on stupid infomercials and you did).

To build Rock solid mindset, you should take your own words seriously. Stick to what you say or believe. My father used to say "Men are recognized by their words" while he was trying to make me understand this universal truth.

The other ability to is Let Go, You'll learn as the time passes by. Though I am recommending Sedona but I believe the ability to let go should be learnt through experience in life. Experience is really strict teacher, man, it's lesson does stuck hard on you.

1. Success can come fast.
2. Building business is fun, easy and exciting
3. Its easy to learn and implement new things.
4. You can succeed even without much experience.

Ok! Enough of Preaching... Lets get to the basics.

Internet Marketing Rule :
A friend of mine gave me this marketing rule which really resonated with me.

Online Success = (1 X production + 3 X marketing)X Daily.

So if you spend 10 minutes in creating something, you should be spending 30 minutes promoting your production. And it's a habit you should implement daily.

Dan Kennedy Talks about his experience of writing 1 hr daily in early mornings
One of Jay Abraham's protege (sorry his name escapes me) talks about his experience of doing just 1 thing to promote his services daily.

For example, on internet, if you write an article, you should do as much as possible to promote it.

How to start your very first business (online or offline)?

Constant Learning is one of most important factor to succeed and grow in any field. I suggest you guys to take out what you can from your budget and spend it monthly on learning.

I personally started with buying 10-15 dollars book every month. That was the kind of budget I had. Though we are nothing short of being pirates here but at least pay for the products which you have checked out and really liked it.

And here's the thing, The products I am going to recommend here are the ones you'd like to buy even if it's just for symbolic purposes.

Stacks are books/products that I recommend.

Stack 1 :
1. Major Marketing Mindset: Pick any one of these courses.
1. Guerilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson
2. Piranha Marketing Joe Polish
3. Magnetic Marketing Dan Kennedy
4. Mastermind Marketing System by Jay Abraham.This course is latest one with interviews. 2.10 GB

Personally I don't know which one of these authors will resonate with you, So I recommend you to check out all of them and then stick to one person you feel connection,trust,rapport with.

2. Get Jay Abraham "Getting Everything out of all you've got".
3. Get a Speed Reading Course (it'll help you a LOT)

You should start building your business from this point onwards.

If you are creating infoproducts then DON'T download Big products by Ken Mcarthur (nothing bad about it)instead, just get on with creation yourself.

Ebook :
Write 1 page every day and in next 30 days you can sell 30 page ebook for anything from 10-30 dollars.

If you talk just for 15 minutes, you can create 7 hrs worth of audio in next 30 days and can sell it for anywhere from 50 - 200 dollars per piece (this is where your marketing skills will come handy).

If you shoot just for 15 minutes, you can create 7 hrs worth of Video in next 30 days and can sell it for anywhere from 100 - 1000 dollars per piece (this is where your marketing skills will come handy).

Well don't you think this is good plan for next 3-6 months.
Start with a low price front end. Increase the price with good Backend using audio. In 6 months you can come out with Video...

In the end you'll have 3 products in no time.

Stack 2:
1. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy (DVD). Get the DVD's first, Watch it. Only then you are allowed to listen to mp3.
2. Matt Furey - Magnetic Millionaire

OPTIONAL : In Product Launch Formula 2, Jeff did an Interview with Rich Schefren and they discussed all the launches since John Reese Million dollar days. Get that interview and listen/read it many times. You'll learn the basic idea about product launching. This interview is like cliff's lists version of the whole PLF. Its about 60 page (I don't listen to audios unless there's no other way).

Instead of asking for niche ideas or business ideas why not you guys try out something or a market which you resonate closely with. It doesn't matter which market you belong to.

You'll learn more while doing business than discussing on forums or intellectual-zing in your mind. I mean how hard it's to do business in today's environment?

$10 for domain for 1 year
$60 for webspace from hostgator for 1 year.
OPTIONAL $20 /month= $240 Per year for aweber/getresponse.

Technically you can get started for as little as $70. Do you believe how easy it is for you guys? Seriously if you guys can't think of risking 70 dollars then you shouldn't be in business. PERIOD.

Stack 3 :
1. Stomping the Search Engines by Brand Fallon
2. Traffic Secrets 2 CD's

Right now You don't have to worry about Launch Sequence/ EMail marketing, etc etc etc all the other 1000$ courses out there. We are only building foundational stuff here guys.

Underachiever Course By Frank Kern, Ed Dale. You are better off with this product if you have your own infoproduct ready to sell.

Stack 4:

Here we'll get into nitty gritty of building and optimizing businesses.

1. Get altitude by Eben Pagan OR
1. Business Growth Systems by Rich Schefren.

2. Basic Copywriting (Pick any one of Maria Veloso book, Joesph Sugarman book or AWAI basic copywriting course will do)

3.(Can be Optional) Traffic Secrets 1.0 (Earlier version, Someone please upload them), John Reese talks a heck a lot about optimizing minor detail that makes big bucks. If you picked Underachiever from stack 3, then these are optional but I recommend these to you to watch in your leisure time. Your whole mindset will change.

Ok I'll keep editing this later and if you have questions, rather than PM'ing me.

About traffic Secrets 2.0. Though I am recommending to read the transcripts but If you are new to Search engine optimization or building traffic, you should watch the videos too. Videos/audio with transcripts engages the mind more productively and powerfully.

Now after writing that long post, I was thinking "Is that really enough?"

Frankly speaking, the answer is NO. But that's where real world experience comes in. You make mistakes and learn from them (better learn from other people's mistakes).

"Only fools learn from their own mistakes, Wise learn even from others mistakes. " Robert Greene in 48 laws of power. <- Good book to study.

If you are not building an online business(or an offline one) then you are better off not downloading these courses. Don't try to do it in Future. Do it now.

There are many skills you need to learn in order to become wildly successful. The Most important is the Art of selling. If you can sell someone, you can survive in any conditions.

Selling and marketing goes hand in hand. Marketing skills Leverage your Selling power.

In fact if you know anyone who is successful at marketing was at one time good sales man. Let me give you a list.
1. Eben pagan (worked for Tony Robbins)
2. Joe sugarman
3. Joe polish
4. Dan kennedy
5. Jay abraham
6. Gary halbert.
and list goes on n on.

The above post was a good plan. But I think it's not a plan. Frankly if you call it a plan, then it seems like all those products I listed are essential for success in business, it's not. It seems like I am saying that you need to spend at least 10,000 dollars before you'll succeed?

Here's a funny thing, another friend of mine who is making 10 G's a month silently work with his online business. He doesn't have any products, He isn't outlandish marketer like some of the names you hear. He doesn't do JV's. He rarely knows about all the products I've listed above. All he knew was to make a website. That's it. He learned every single thing by trial and error.

In fact if you just follow any one of the basic courses I listed in stack 1 products, you can succeed.

Disclaimer: Not all my original ideas,taken from one forum member to another.

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10 Ways To Get Rich -Warren Buffett's Secret

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1. Reinvest Your Profits:

When you first make money, you may be tempted to spend it. Don't. Instead, reinvest the profits. Warren Buffett learned this early on. In high school, he and a pal bought a pinball machine to pun in a barbershop. With the money they earned, they bought more machines until they had eight in different shops. When the friends sold the venture, Warren Buffett used the proceeds to buy stocks and to start another small business. By age 26, he'd amassed $174,000 -- or $1.4 million in today's money. Even a small sum can turn into great wealth.

2. Be Willing To Be Different:

Don't base your decisions upon what everyone is saying or doing. When Warren Buffett began managing money in 1956 with $100,000 cobbled together from a handful of investors, he was dubbed an oddball. He worked in Omaha, not Wall Street, and he refused to tell his parents where he was putting their money. People predicted that he'd fail, but when he closed his partnership 14 years later, it was worth more than $100 million. Instead of following the crowd, he looked for undervalued investments and ended up vastly beating the market average every single year. To Warren Buffett, the average is just that -- what everybody else is doing. to be above average, you need to measure yourself by what he calls the Inner Scorecard, judging yourself by your own standards and not the world's.

3. Never Suck Your Thumb:

Gather in advance any information you need to make a decision, and ask a friend or relative to make sure that you stick to a deadline. Warren Buffett prides himself on swiftly making up his mind and acting on it. He calls any unnecessary sitting and thinking "thumb sucking." When people offer him a business or an investment, he says, "I won't talk unless they bring me a price." He gives them an answer on the spot.

4. Spell Out The Deal Before You Start:

Your bargaining leverage is always greatest before you begin a job -- that's when you have something to offer that the other party wants. Warren Buffett learned this lesson the hard way as a kid, when his grandfather Ernest hired him and a friend to dig out the family grocery store after a blizzard. The boys spent five hours shoveling until they could barely straighten their frozen hands. Afterward, his grandfather gave the pair less than 90 cents to split. Warren Buffett was horrified that he performed such backbreaking work only to earn pennies an hour. Always nail down the specifics of a deal in advance -- even with your friends and relatives.

5. Watch Small Expenses:

Warren Buffett invests in businesses run by managers who obsess over the tiniest costs. He one acquired a company whose owner counted the sheets in rolls of 500-sheet toilet paper to see if he was being cheated (he was). He also admired a friend who painted only on the side of his office building that faced the road. Exercising vigilance over every expense can make your profits -- and your paycheck -- go much further.

6. Limit What You Borrow:

Living on credit cards and loans won't make you rich. Warren Buffett has never borrowed a significant amount -- not to invest, not for a mortgage. He has gotten many heart-rendering letters from people who thought their borrowing was manageable but became overwhelmed by debt. His advice: Negotiate with creditors to pay what you can. Then, when you're debt-free, work on saving some money that you can use to invest.

7. Be Persistent:

With tenacity and ingenuity, you can win against a more established competitor. Warren Buffett acquired the Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1983 because he liked the way its founder, Rose Blumkin, did business. A Russian immigrant, she built the mart from a pawnshop into the largest furniture store in North America. Her strategy was to undersell the big shots, and she was a merciless negotiator. To Warren Buffett, Rose embodied the unwavering courage that makes a winner out of an underdog.

8. Know When To Quit:

Once, when Warren Buffett was a teen, he went to the racetrack. He bet on a race and lost. To recoup his funds, he bet on another race. He lost again, leaving him with close to nothing. He felt sick -- he had squandered nearly a week's earnings. Warren Buffett never repeated that mistake. Know when to walk away from a loss, and don't let anxiety fool you into trying again.

9. Assess The Risk:

In 1995, the employer of Warren Buffett's son, Howie, was accused by the FBI of price-fixing. Warren Buffett advised Howie to imagine the worst-and-bast-case scenarios if he stayed with the company. His son quickly realized that the risks of staying far outweighed any potential gains, and he quit the next day. Asking yourself "and then what?" can help you see all of the possible consequences when you're struggling to make a decision -- and can guide you to the smartest choice.

10. Know What Success Really Means:

Despite his wealth, Warren Buffett does not measure success by dollars. In 2006, he pledged to give away almost his entire fortune to charities, primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He's adamant about not funding monuments to himself -- no Warren Buffett buildings or halls. "I know people who have a lot of money," he says, "and they get testimonial dinners and hospital wings named after them. But the truth is that nobody in the world loves them. When you get to my age, you'll measure your success in life by how many of the people you want to have love you actually do love you. That's the ultimate test of how you've lived your life."

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If I Were A Bird?

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What if I were a bird? I would need no tickets to fly. Just fly whenever I want. I would save a lot on air tickets! Jokes apart, what does a bird see from the sky? What does it feel? What opinions does it form and how does it look at human beings?

Let us first talk about birds. Have we ever thought that a small bird that comes out of the egg, flies without any help from any aircraft companies? It needs no design and no development of latest alloys or other light-weight materials to fly. It flies itself without any help from mankind. It can swoop down or rise fast, sit or simply glide in the air. It does all this effortlessly without any chance of failure!

Now, let me become a bird and start my daily journey. I will not reveal about the part of the world I live in. What is the first thing I see? I watch the sun rising in the east. What a glorious sight is this! Sun, the great star, because of whom, we are all alive. As the day begins, I watch people moving around in the streets. I fly higher in the sky. Figures start looking very small on the ground. These people who look so small from the height, think that they own the world. When I watch their expressions of worry and anxiety, I wonder. I want them to come with me and watch themselves from the height. As they
will rise higher, they will realize that they are small, very small. And they will stop worrying.

How can you think of yourself as insignificant in the universe and still worry so much? This is the only cure for the worried people. Don't think that the world will come down if you don't worry about your problems. Carry on and let the problems not bother you so much that you stop living.

What a beautiful thought of a bird!

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Google Cheat Sheet

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This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas.

The two pages of Google Cheat Sheets cover:-

o A list of all Google domains
o Company information
o Founded Date
o Key People
o Revenue
o Employees
o Contact Address
o Contact Phone & Fax
* PageRank
o Googlebot 2.1 Addresses
o List of sites with PageRank 10
o PageRank formula
o Google Form Elements
o Google Services
o Query structure to access directory listings of:-
o Music files
o Movie files
o List of basic Google Calculator operators
o List of advanced Google Search operators
o List of Google Investments
o List of fun Google services and tools
o List of 15 official Google Blogs
o Google Calculator examples
o Search by number examples

And more!
Ideal for novice, intermediate and advanced Google users!

Its free from the author's site as well, but here's the direct link.

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YouTube To Broadly Release Call-To-Action Overlays, Allow Linking Off-Site

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YouTube had released a very important addition to its suite of advertising products, and it has the potential to have a huge impact for politicians, brands, and charities alike. The funny thing is, you probably thought it was already out there.

The product’s official name is the Call-To-Action Overlay, and it’s about as straightforward as ads come: it’s a semi-transparent pop-up that links viewers to any website you choose. For example, I could place an overlay on a TechCrunch video inviting users to visit the corresponding post we wrote about it. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s hard to believe, but you’ve never been able to do this on YouTube before now. If you ever wanted to drive users watching your YouTube video to another site, you’d have to include it as a link in the summary at the right-hand side of the page, which most people ignore anyway. Users can include links in annotations, but only to other YouTube videos. Think back to President Obama’s landmark election campaign, which was helped in no small part by his YouTube presence. If he ever wanted to direct visitors to one of his campaign homepages, he’d have to ask visitors to enter his site’s URL manually. That’s a pretty major hurdle to overcome. This gets rid of it.

So why has YouTube taken so long to implement such an obvious feature? The answer likely boils down to the fact that this is effectively driving traffic away from YouTube, which isn’t an ideal situation for a site that thrives on views. This is probably a somewhat scary step for the video giant, but it’s taking some initiatives to negate any possible downsides. You can only place these customized overlays on a video that you’ve entered into YouTube’s CPC Promoted Videos program. You don’t have to pay anything extra for the Call-To-Action overlay, but you do have to be a paying YouTube advertiser.

The feature has been in testing with select partners and non-profits for some time, and the results have been extremely positive. Last March, the organization charity:water managed to raise $10,000 in a single day by including an overlay on one of its videos. A handful of politicians have also been trying it out, using it to entice voters to sign their petitions. It’s worked well enough that politicians who haven’t had access to the feature are clamoring for it.

At this point the potential uses for the links are fairly obvious. Brands can link their commercials back to the products they’re selling. Publishers (like us) can link back to relevant articles. And politicians can link back to their campaign homepages or petitions. But there’s almost certainly some other kind of creative use for the new ads waiting to be tapped, just as YouTube’s annotations were used to create choose-your-own-adventure video journeys.

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Am I Living My Vision?

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I am living the most abundant life I can imagine! Does this mean that I am living my vision? Not yet.

“Why not?” you ask.

My answer is that I have not yet expanded my imagination enough to encompass my vision, but I am getting closer. You see, I am now a full-fledged student of “The Law of Abundance”. This universal law drives what is manifested in my life.

Our culture is full of truisms that support the “Law of Abundance”. The following represent only a few of those truisms. “If you set your mind to it…” “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.” “You are a victim of the rules you live by.” “I think, therefore I am”.

Look at the people around you. What do you see? When you look at a person’s life you can literally read their mind. A person’s outer state of being is nothing more than the manifestation of a person’s thought. Now look inside. Do you see peace, serenity, affluence, love, abundance? To have these things, you have to set your mind to it.

As these words are expressions of my vision, I had to fully understand their meaning to me. The following brief definitions represent my vision of my life (and luckily match dictionary definitions).

Peace - harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; the absence of mental stress or anxiety

Serenity - Calmness of mind; evenness of temper; undisturbed state; coolness; composure.

Affluence - An abundant supply, as of thought, words, feelings, etc.; profusion; also, abundance of property; wealth

Love - A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness

Abundance - A great or plentiful amount; Fullness to overflowing.

By learning to manifest through proper use of the “Law of Abundance”, all this and more can be yours. “Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.” Florence Scovel Shinn.

Our lives are our biggest accomplishment. Our lives are the manifestation of our vision. By creating your vision, and by following the rules of manifestation, the universe is yours for the asking. Learning how to ask is the goal of students of the “Law of Abundance.”

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Men, Women and Their Finances

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What do you worry about most when it comes to your finances and debt or your credit card repayments? It seems that men and women have different outlooks and think differently about their finances. A survey was carried out to see whether men and women thought differently or the same about their finances.

Women tend to look at their current levels of debt while men tend to look to the future and are more likely to plan ahead when it comes to their finances. Women worry more about how they are going to pay off all their current credit card bills, store cards and loans along with their mortgage, shopping and living expenses with three quarters of women doing so, meanwhile less than 50% of men worry about the same thing. Only 13% of men know what their current debt levels are.

While men are laid back about their current debt levels they are better prepared for the future. Men are better at investing their money with half of all men investing in an ISA while only 35% of women are doing the same. Only five out of ten of women have a savings account with men in the lead with six out of every ten. Three quarters of men are paying into a pension for when they retire while only half of women are preparing for their retirement.

The only things that were found to be very little difference in when it came to our finances was the fact that both men and women have little knowledge of credit reports and how they work, although we think we do. Three quarters of men and women said they new what affected credit scores and how companies make their decision but nearly all got at least one question wrong when asked about credit reports. Only 5% of men and women have inspected their credit report in the last year.

1 in 4 of people asked did not realize that late payments affected your score; just over 40% of people did not know that if you have asked for credit regularly then this can also affect your credit score. Three quarters of people wrongly thought that if you had unpaid household bills that this would affect a decision made by lenders. Unbelievably, 60% of men and 67% of women thought that credit reference agencies make the decisions about credit applications, whereas it is the credit card companies, banks and other lenders that make the decision.

Knowing your credit score and understanding how credit scoring works is the only way to fully know where you stand financially and help you make better decisions about how and when you apply for credit.

About the Author
Joseph Kenny is the webmaster of the UK credit card comparison site, where you can find a selection of interest free credit cards. For US visitors there is also the comparison site

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The 3 Keys to Success

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If you desire to become better, or successful at something, this article will provide you the foundation to get started. Chances are, no matter what your current income, relationship, or job situation is, you wouldn’t mind being more successful. Of course, the term success is unique to you. You must first define success and then determine what you want to be successful at.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing. -Abraham Lincoln

The first step to becoming successful is to emulate the ones who’ve already done it. You know the saying: don’t recreate the wheel…

  • Get a Mentor All successful people have credited at least one influential person or mentor in their life. Mentors not only provide support but also challenge your thoughts and actions. Not to prove who’s right or wrong, but to open your horizons, offer other options, challenge pre-conceived ideas, and truly help you discover who you are. A mentor will never accept the phrase: “I don’t know, it’s just always been that way!” because a mentor believes you control your future.

  • Be Healthy- Live… Breathe… Think… Eat. We all know healthy living (exercise) and eating is important. However, for the road to true success, it’s not enough. It’s imperative your mind – yes, every thought – supports your decision to be successful.

    Be aware of negative self-talk or thoughts. They will put a stop to your success faster than anyone or anything else. Which means you may have to re-program your thoughts. To do this, continuously reaffirm the fact you are attaining your goal. Notice I didn’t say you will attain your goal. The key is to focus on your thoughts, not your actual actions. Why? Your mind does not know the difference between fact and make-believe. By repeatedly saying you’re successful, your mind will accept it as fact.

    Once your entire being functions at 100%, nothing will stop you. Roadblocks become hurdles, hurdles become rocks in the road. Rocks become great stories along the way. All things will be possible.

  • Put Blinders On Only focus on your goal. Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Keep your eyes on your goal and don’t look around.

  • Success (whatever that may mean to you) can be attained by anyone – especially you. With your eyes on the goal, a mentor to guide you, and a healthy attitude, you offer yourself no other possibility than to succeed.

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