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3 Money-Making Success Strategies

Thursday, August 13, 2009 , Posted by Jason at Thursday, August 13, 2009

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1. Find ONE STRATEGY, formula or whatever that can bring in money.

Many people do two things wrong. First, they choose the wrong product or service. In doing so, the believe that THEY know what is best and what people will buy. This is often coupled with and new idea that they wish to promote. However, it is always best to go where you know people are buying. Customers buy when they want something - it is possible that YOU may have what they want when they visit you and your new idea, but it is more likely that you won't. So, stick to tried-and-trusted methods and products.

The second thing is that people flip from one method to another and before you know it they have lost faith in all methods as there has been no return. Then it's on to the next big idea (often coupled with the purchase of some high end product from a guru who preys on selling the latest methods to unsuspecting newbies). Decide WHAT type of marketing you are going to do and put all your energy into it - affiliate marketing? PPC marketing? developing own products? e-commerce sites etc.

I did all of these mistakes- BIG TIME. I made nothing or next to nothing. Until I changed and now I concentrate on one or two narrow areas and now my income is a hundred times better.

2. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - you can do this and produce REAL RESULTS.

YES! Because NONE OF THIS IS HARD and there is more than enough to go around for everyone. Yes, it takes time and commitment. But it doesn't take the brain of Einstein, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. Selling, making blogs, websites, products, etc is easy. Take everything step by step. Sometimes you see these big guru types and think "I could never be like them". That is true! But there is no NEED to be like them. They have people and power behind them. Yet you could earn a GOOD living just by doing the basics. Check out affiliate marketing stuff by Rosalind Gardner. She has NO guru punch behind her and works from a room in her home with just a PC, camera, phone, printer and other basics. And the final result, she's now a millionaire.

3. TAKE ACTION AND FOCUS to work on step 1 every day for AT LEAST 30 DAYS, without any other distractions

We are all victims of distraction. Hell, THIS POST I am writing is a distraction. In the same time I have written this I could have written an article and posted to Go Articles or some other place, or got a link, or posted in an influential forum, or devised a web page etc. Doing this now and then is OK but most people lose focus and drift form forums to emails to TV then to chat then back to downloading the.... etc. the end result is that nothing EVER gets completed and dealt with.

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