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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 , Posted by Jason at Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Yesterday was a restful day out with my wife all day - shopping, going to cinemas, drinking coffee, reading the newspapers.

Yet I ALWAYS have an eye out for an opportunity!

Where I am, we have "Jumble Sales". Not sure what they are called where you are but basically just a load of people's unwanted junk. Usually they are run by a church group and sometimes by a women's group / child and toddler group / scout group.

But the thing is - everything is CHEAP!

Well, there are all sorts of things - clothes, jewelry, shoes, cups, vases, DVD players etc etc.

I IGNORE EVERYTHING and concentrate only on the ..... BOOKS

Books are amazing. First of all, we all love a good read. But secondly, at jumble sales they are 30 cents or so. Dirt cheap! Some of them are large volumes. The church are happy just to offload the junk and get a few pennies. Most people are happy just to get a novel or two.

I avoid novels like the plague. I stick to anything that can help my business. So, at these places, there are ALWAYS business related books - one minute manager, leadership, time management, interview techniques, old classics of the business world etc etc. And NOBODY wants to buy them. They are all clamoring for the romance and crime novels. I just take my pick of the business gems.

Yesterday I bought five books. Some were trash I admit. But I got Jack Trout's book which will be a great inspiration.

However, I also got a couple of business books and I will use these for a product or free report. You only need to find ONE nugget when reading and you have something valuable. Just put it into your own words. Use the free speech recognition software that comes with Vista and you will have a product in no time.

What I will likely do is produce a couple of blog posts and probably a couple of 5 minute audios to put on my blog. People love free stuff so you could make a few audios and speak like an expert to give a way as a lead generator. or do a Camtasia screencast using words and diagrams from these books. You don't have to copy exactly.

So, a restful day, but a highly productive one and all for a few dollars in total.

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