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Wolframalpha-An Idea for a Potential Product

Friday, September 18, 2009 , Posted by Jason at Friday, September 18, 2009

In the past couple of months, a new search tool had been getting a lot of internet ink: Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha is a tool that makes its distinction by not scouring through billions and billions of pages, but rather computing the response on the fly. Meaning, if you type in an item, say “internet users,” Wolfram Alpha will compute, or piece together its response from its data banks. In contrast, Google (and any other search engine) will return existing web pages it deems best fit to the search query.

Yes! A new search paradigm. A Google-killer? Nope! Will it be as important as Google has become? Perhaps! But when the service was launched (May 2009), I believe it will become an essential in anyone’s search tool kit.

I haven't tried it extensively yet but if you spend a few hours testing it, you could easily become an expert and you can write a short reports and articles.

I'm actually surprised that there aren't more ebooks and stuff about WolframAlpha and Bing as well. It's been getting a lot of press, and if you look at their Adwords equivalent it's like going back in time several years.

For example, do a search on Google for "Forex Trading". You get 497 Adwords ads. Do the same search on Bing and you only get 5. Prices are similar, starting at a nickle a click. Almost like having a damn time machine!

So, just an idea for a potential product if you are at a lost for ideas.

Cashing in with Wolframalpha

Definitive Guide to Wolframalpha

Be the Alpha Wolf with Wolframalpha.....(okay that was stupid!)

We should take advantage of this opportunity before it will be flooded with some of the brightest minds in internet marketing.

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