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I Need to Make $1000 by the 30th-How Can I Do This?!!?

Sunday, September 13, 2009 , Posted by Jason at Sunday, September 13, 2009

1- Offer your article writing services on Warrior Forum for below market. But get someone to commit to buy 1000 dollar's worth. 300 articles at $3 each is $900 and there are plenty of people who'll pay for this if they can trust you to deliver good articles.

2- Walk around your house, your family and friend's house, your neighbor's house with a big bag in your hand and start stuffing it with stuff they don't want and don't need. Then sell it on eBay or Craigslist or a garage sale.
(note: anytime I need a quick few hundred dollars, i do this and have at least $500 within 6 days without fail. Been doing it for years and sounds stupid simple but it works)

3- Sell your services and skills (i.e. Webdesign, Blog set up, bookkeeping services to local businesses for below market fees. Call it an introductory fee. You can usually get $250 for a nice blog and website design using templates. Do 4 of these and you make your $1000)

4- Offer to list high ticket items for others for a commission. For example, used cars, new cars, large tractors, diamond rings etc. YOU WILL GET YOUR 1000 IN YOUR FIRST DAY provided you are willing to make some calls, and visit several stores.

Without knowing what you have and what you're good at, its hard to tell what to suggest.Also looking at your avatar, its hard to figure you out and determine if you're a young person just messing around or a serious marketer willing to make sacrifices to make money.

I hope some of these suggestions will spark some ideas and allow you to make the money you need.

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